Focus Groups

What are Focus Groups?

The purpose of our HiREI Focus Groups is to give you a chance to meet other investors that may share similar circumstances that you do.  This is where “like minded” individuals can share commonalities so that experiences can be learned by all. Focus Group Meetings will be held monthly and details can be found on HiREI’s “Calendar of Events”.

  • Real Estate Investing 101…will focus on the fundamentals of real estate investing. The Focus Group will include basic principles for those planning to buy, sell and/or own real estate as an investment.
  • Advanced Real Estate Investing…will focus on working with experienced investors in the areas of networking, buying and selling of real estate.
  • Out of State Investing…will focus on best practices and strategies for investing in out of state properties.
  • Commercial Real Estate Investing…will focus exploring commercial real estate investments and how it can differ from residential real estate.
  • Real Estate Financing…will focus on using traditional financing for real estate investing.
  • Business/Real Estate Tax Strategies…will focus on the varying tax treatments and strategies for businesses and real estate investors.