General Monthly Meeting Thursday, September 1, 2016

Xiyue KottasHiREI proudly presents Xiyue (“She-way”) Kottas serial entrepreneur.

Xiyue grew up in a small farming village with about 200 people in southern China. The English saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” is very true. She is the living proof. Xiyue says the benefit of being raised by the whole village was that she learned from all of the people around her. The people who worked little, worked hard, worked smart, worked hard and smart, these people were all her mentors.

Being raised in a remote village also taught her the willingness to provide solutions to the problems of others. Everyone helped one another whenever there was a need, they worked together to find solutions to survive and thrive. That was why her village was financially better off than any of the surrounding villages in her county, despite their size and location.

When she was in middle school, her dad used to bring out his old-fashioned abacus and calculate the interest he and her mom earned in their bank accounts. They lived off the interest alone without touching the principle until she started college.  So she learned the power of compound interest at a young age.

One of her mentors said it perfectly, the best way to teach a child math is to put a $$$ sign in front of a number. In her case, it was ¥¥¥.  It worked. She grew up loving numbers, and still does.

Being the most learned man in her village, her dad taught her to appreciate education and knowledge. Her parents always encouraged her to pursue further education. She was the first girl in her village history to have graduated from high school, then college, then the first girl to have gone outside the boarders of China when she was chosen to go to Japan as an exchange student, then to America.

The objective here was not to impress you about her history. Chinese have a saying, “A tree does not forget about his roots no matter how big it gets”. Xiyue says; “thanks to the lessons I learned from my dear villagers, I own two laundromats in Montana, an interpretation business and a financial consultation business.”  She has partnered with 49 lenders to fund every type of investment real estate and helped small business owners access working capital for business acquisition and expansion.

Zig Ziglar said it best in his book See You at the Top, “You will get everything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want in life.”

Xiyue is going to share with you how you can also live off the interest without touching the principle through note purchasing, in any market condition. She will dive in and take a look at how investing in performing notes can help you achieve true financial freedom.

Afterwards, she will share with you 3 stories about the 3 brothers in her village which will wildly inspire you.

Meeting Location & Time
Japanese Cultural Center MAP
2454 S. Beretania St., Honolulu, HI 96826
-Manoa Grand Ballroom

-Guest Fee $15

6:30 PM doors open for NETWORKING
7:15 PM HiREI News & Deal Announcements
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Tony Youngs3-Day Hands On Boot-Camp

This is the ultimate Hands-On Boot Camp with a mixture of classroom training with field trips to look at properties and trip to the courthouse records room to do Title searches.  Class size is limited so register today!

The Hidden market consist of all those distressed properties you have seen in neighborhoods where there is no pride of ownership. You know, the ones with high grass, peeling paint, overgrown bushes etc. Usually they are in nice neighborhoods. They can be vacant or occupied, but none of them have for sale signs, no ads in the paper, not on the internet or MLS and because of this, nobody knows these homes can be bought. Maybe you pass by them every day and never even give them a second look.

In the year 2016, you may want to change your perception of these hidden gems. You see, as we came out of the great foreclosure crisis, and values started to return, so did the demand. Hedge funds were buying everything they could get. Canadians were coming into the lower 48 and investors were coming out of the woodwork and suddenly it seemed there was not much inventory. Listed properties were getting multiple offers and there is too much competition at the foreclosure auctions. Great deals are few and far between. There is always somebody that will pay a higher price than you.

The Hidden Market is the answer. You simply must find a way to find properties that not many people know about. You need a system and the discipline to follow it. A system of finding unlisted properties when you buy and using the MLS when you sell. That is how you make profit today. Over the last 10 years, I have mastered the hidden market. There are three options for profit in real estate that anyone can do to be successful, whether you have money or not. All you need is desire.


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